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We are indebted to the estate of Jim and Nell Cossins for these photographs which celebrate life in Oake from the early twentieth century

The four brothers Cossins in about 1908 - Jim and Nell's father is seated on the right. Anstice farmed in Canada, George practised as a dentist in Derbyshire before emigrating to Australia, John farmed at Blagdon Hill and Charlie farmed at Hillfarance and Hillcommon

Duncle House, Hillfarance from a postcard from 1928.
 This was home for Charlie and his wife Margaret, son Jim and daughter Nell Cossins from about 1920 to 1948

Jim and Nell's uncle at the plough

Haymaking 1933 at Duncle farm - the girl is Nell Cossins with her father, Charlie in the background
the elevator was sold in 2005, the new owner intending to use it on his smallholding


Haymaking was a hard time for this mare - she had a heavy wagon of hay to pull; her foal takes advantage of a short halt. The RSPCA was not as active at this time! Nell Cossins sits near the wagon - circa 1933

Jim Cossins as a schoolboy turning hay with a side-rake

Charlie Cossins feeding sheep

Charlie Cossins with mare and foal at Duncle farm

Charlie Cossins at Harris's Farm, Hillcommon in 1954

Stitches of corn: six or eight sheaves would be placed together to dry prior to making a rick to await threshing - usually a job for wintertime

Horse drawn binder - note the three sheaves of wheat in the foreground. A good crop that year!

Horse drawn binder with Charlie Cossins


Horse drawn binder

Tractor drawn binder 1941 - note the wheat already in stiches on the far side of the field

Tractor drawn binder - wheat harvest 1972

Wheat harvest 1972

Charlie Tarr on the tractor - wheat harvest 1972

This was a threshing machine hired from Kings of Bishops Lydeard
note that the stiches were always loaded butt end outward. The tractor on the right supplied the belt-driven power

Sawing logs for fire wood using a saw bench powered by the tractor

Jim driving a tractor in 1940 - the first tractors had all metal wheels with spikes

Sawing a large tree trunk into planks using hired traction engine and rack bench at Duncle farm
the man holding the handle is controlling the speed of the sawing circa 1933

Jim Cossins with his Fergie sawing logs at Harris's.

 The picture above was the inspiration for this illustration below which features in
 "Snails on my Palette by Kathy Farmer due to be published in Spring 2008
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Oake Horse Show - September 1972
 were you there?