Hillfarrance Flood Prevention


Hillfarrance had a history of recurrent flooding.

   In 2003 a Flood Alleviation Scheme was constructed at a cost of over £2 million.


A 700-metre long by-pass channel to the north of the village carries flood waters around the village.   This has worked successfully keeping homes dry in Hillfarance twice during 2004.  In January 2004 water flowed down the channel for 6 hours or so. The village is no longer cut off during flooding.



The sluice gate by Forde bridge and the building of the bridge in Frog Street 

The design of the scheme allows a protection of 1 in 200 years or 1 in 100 years plus 20% increase in flows within the freeboard allowance.

Flooding in January 2008 when heavy rain caused floods on two occasions, although some roads where flooded, no houses in the village had any problems and all the water went down the flood scheme.