Oake Profile


The Village

Oake lies at the heart of the four communities. The post office and school are situated on the road running from the B3227 to Bradford on Tone, passing the new village hall and Oake Manor Golf Club. Although surrounded by farm land, it is now largely a residential area which has grown significantly over the last ten years with the building of nearly fifty new houses in Saxon Close. Oake Close provides amenity housing, particlarly for the elderly.

 Businesses within the village include an aromatherapist, photographers and a fencing company.

Visitors often ask why the church is so far from the village: in fact, it is not, because the original village was centred around the church, as it is shown on ancient maps, but most of the cottages and other buildings, including a Chapel and a Poor House, have long since disappeared. Even today, the Ordnance Survey places Oake at the church and the mileage on signposts is measured to the church. After all, the church has been where it is since at least the 13 th century, whereas most of the present village is of post-war construction!

The ancient village of Oake is mentioned in history as early as AD 897 where, in Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici, it is referred to as ‘ Acon’. In Domesday Book, after the coming of the Normans, it is spelt as ‘ Acha’ and this, through the ages, has become Oake.

The name obviously derides from the abundance of oak trees in the neighbourhood – sadly depleted over the years, although a few still remain, notably around the church. It is probable that there was a place of worship in the Saxon settlement, although whether the present church was built on its site is not known.