Parish Neighbourhood Plan 

Our Parish Council (PC) have  decided that they will be supporting the Neighbourhood planning group (10 volunteers from the parish) to write a Neighbourhood Plan which when finalised and adopted will become part of the Statutory Development Plan (Local Plan) of Taunton Deane.

We had our Parish boundary designated by Taunton Deane in October 2017, and have since progressed to gathering the results of the  Community survey & Housing needs survey for all in the parish to gather your views

Here are the full results:

/files//Oake Neighbourhood Plan Survey Report FINAL.pdf

/files//Oake HNS REPORT Final.pdf

We held a COMMUNITY EVENT IN OAKE VILLAGE HALL on Friday 26th October 6-9pm & Saturday 27th October 10am-4pm to show the results of the survey. We felt that it was extremely successful, and 31 people from the commnuty came to view the results of the surveys and add extra comments and views to certain subjects. See the posters from the event below.

If you would like more information or would like to add something which hasn't been captured by the surveys please email 

We are currently having monthly meetings to enable progress on the plan, more volunteers are welcome to address different areas of the plan so that we will have a draft to show the community in due course. All welcome

Future meeting dates will take place  in Oake Village hall as follows:

 4th December 2018 at 7.30pm

 8th January 2019 7.30pm

 5th February 2019 at 7.30pm

 5th March 2019 at 7.30pm

Please also check the parish facebook page for meeting dates and discussion


/files//Minutes 170418.docx

/files//Oake NP Group Meeting Minutes 200318 (1).docx

/files//PUPP Minutes 18.04.17.pdf

/files//PUPP Minutes 23.05.17.pdf

/files//PUPP Minutes 27.06.17.pdf

/files//Minutes PPUP 25.07.17.docx

/files//Minutes PUPP 12.09.17.docx

The Parish Council feel that a Parish plan, or community Plan would be very beneficial to everyone in the community of Oake Parish. When it is completed it can be a guide for the Parish Council for the next few years to ensure that Parish Council Money is spent in a way that the people of Oake Parish agree with. When it is completed it will also be an opportunity to highlight where extra funding is required to provide the community with the services and community facilities which we would like.

The Community Plan (Parish Plan) needs to be written by volunteers within the community as the Parish Council cant write it for you, however we will be facilitators in the process. If you are interested in learning more about what our community could achieve through this plan or if you would like to be part of the group to write the plan please contact Cllr Frances Gully on 461912 or

Village Plan Survey

Oake - Neighbourhood Plan or Parish Plan

SADMP Oake Map.pdf

Key to Oake map

There was a great interest at the Hillfarrance Christmas meal at the Anchor where many people suggested a bus route should be instated among other things such as a community Wind turbine. The Community Shop can be supported by the Plan, so supporters of the shop please get in touch if you are interested in supporting the community for the future.

The children from the school have provided their thoughts on what the future of Oake parish could hold. Please see below 

Year 3 and 4 local area (1).pdf            

Year 5 and 6 local area answers for Parish

We had a very sucessful meeting on Monday 13th March where 19 people came to see what Neighbourhood plans and Parish Plans were all about. We had two speakers Jane Warmington who was one of four who wrote a Neighbourhood plan for the Bishop Lydeard  and Cothelstone area and Ann Rhodes from the Policy Team at TDBC. Following the information they gave us and some questions we did an exercise on maps of the Parish to note the assets and issues we have and to get the ideas of the people about what we could achieve for the future. These maps and information will be displayed at the Parish Councils Annual general Meeting on the 20th April 2017. Please see links below with Population statistics and the OS map of the Parish. If you are interested in shareing your knowledge of the area, please get in touch to help us write the plan.

information from the meeting

/files//Oake (A1) sm.pdf

Data about population, make-up of village: the 2011 census is available as an interactive excel spreadsheet.  Please see attached, saved on the Oake profile.

/files//Copy of Somerset Census Key Statistics - Full Profiles.xls



Completed Posters